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Child Education And Future Planning

So, what’s your biggest financial goal in life? Your Child’s education? Their marriages? Planning your own retirement? What is the strategy you’ll follow to reach these goals? What if I tell you that in the coming times, your way of looking at these goals needs to change?

You can’t look at goals the same way as your parents did! The lives & times of our parents, ourselves and our children will have lots of differences; difference arising because of the way our society and economy changes from year to year, decade to decade.

As parents, it is natural to want the very best for your child - the best schooling, best opportunities in life, etc. But you see, education is one of the best gifts your children can receive.

And as Indians, it is strongly ingrained in us that education is everything, and we want our kids to go to the top schools for their chosen fields.

Even though education is the most important priority for parents, the costs are a major concern. They shell out a large portion of their savings to provide the best education.

Hence, a financial plan to achieve this goal is very important.

If you already have children, the earlier you start planning, the better.

Especially if you want your child to attend good institutions and abroad. You must begin planning soon as the education costs are only on the rise.